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Latest discovery of Norwegian scientists will make you an alpha male! Erogan testosterone medicine increases blood flow to your penis making your erection stronger. Thus, your phallus enlarges up to 3 cm because of the total distention of cavernous bodies . It stimulates increase in testosterone secretion .


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One day an incredible story happened to me. He wasn't at all my type: short, fat, with greasy hair.

Usually I feel pity for such guys. He come up to me, started to talk, trying to get acquainted... He was so nervous. I said something to him just trying to be nice, but then I suddenly noticed HIS HUGE HARD-ON. And I felt something incredible!!!

I looked at this slattern and I realised that I craved him!

30 minutes later I was doing him a blowjob in taxi which drove us to my place (dear god, he didn't even have an apartment!). At home I gave myself completely to him and received an incredible pleasure!

I felt completely defenceless! And it was awesome! It was just crazy sex and orgasms that I never felt before!

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I told this story to my friend and it turned out that she had had the same incident, only she had met with that accidental guy a couple of times. He confessed to her that it was the effect of testosterone medicine that he uses –The Erogan.

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  • "Girl can not breathe after orgasms..."

    I ordered this product after reading a story on the website. So awesome! Now my penis is not only hard as horse's, but also became thicker. My girlfriend can not breathe after orgasms, but she always asks for more!))

    But it's okay! Every party gorgeous girls are just throwing themselves at me, trying to get into my pants!

    Now I'm afraid to gave myself away to my girlfriend)))

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    I've never been popular with girls, I even wonder how I was fortunate enough to lose my virginity. Then I had sex a couple of times by pure chance and with the most frightening girls in the whole world (I hope they do not read it).

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You need to get used to it you will be often hearing from women after the intercourse something like that:

"Actually, I'm not that kind, this is the first time ... But it was just unforgettable!"

And the most important is that it would be the truth as naked as it comes ! Yes, sometimes it happens, the girls say this in order to justify themselves, or to pleasure their partner. But in your case it won't be cunning.

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93% of the men who took the "Erogan" within two weeks had sex offers from at least 5 unfamiliar women per month.

For many people the story of seductions begins Friday night somewhere in a club or bar.

Without self-confidence and belief in a good result stuttering and blushing guys make their first attempts to start a dialogue.

The same evening unexpectedly for themselves they have sex! Spontaneous, crazy and passionate! With unfamiliar pretty women, who had never noticed them before!

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When you take Erogan, your personal scent, saturated with testosterone, completely subordinates her subconscious, and she isn't able to control her arousal. She is all yours and it does not matter if she liked you before or not.

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Here are a few random letters from thousands sent to us by guys who have already experienced the power of the Erogan themselves.
  • "She suggested leaving the club to go to her house"

    When I just started to use this product and didn't feel it action yet, I once was at a party with my friends. I know my role: the fat man, who is entertaining the ugly friends of those girls whom my buddies were wooing. So actually I was used to it.

    And then I noticed around me a few pretty students who didn't look at all to the muscled torsos of my friends and laughed at my idiotic jokes. And then I realised that I had been hard! Yes, so hard that my tight jeans risked not to survive! And it seemed that the girls had also noticed it. Just in 10 minutes one of them "accidentally" wasn't able to stand on her feet and hung on me. At the same time she rubbed on the sticking out of jeans penis (as if to make sure that it wasn't a banana:)) and then French kissed me!

    This was the first time! And then she suggested leaving the club to go to her house and grab a bottle of wine on the way... And then I had sex! And then again! I still do not believe it!

    And according to her, it was the best sex that happened to her!

  • "The attention of the beauties is no longer surprising me"

    When I ordered Erogan, I did not really believe in advertising promises, cause I'm a realist. I bought them just to strengthen my health: stamina, increasing testosterone, strengthening the vessels. I had a sexfriend, she was a loser just like me. We used to get drunk every weekend and just helped each other to relieve sexual tension. Because we couldn't expect any other partner to be interested in us (I write as it is, cause I am realist).

    Well, about a week after I started taking the Hammer, we were sitting in a bar and a stunning girl came up to ask me for a lighter. Then she waited me out of the toilet and offered to go somewhere to dance. As an idiot I said that I need to ask my friend, with whom I came (well, she is my close friend)).

    That was a great mistake! When the pretty girl came up to me for the third time to ask if I was going with her, my friend stood up (I wrote that she looked like a shot putter?) and just dragged this beauty out of the bar! I didn't have time to say anything! Well, I wasn't used to this! Absolutely!

    Well, that evening ended with the usual sex with my friend, but the next morning she told me that she couldn't understand at all why she was so furious about that pretty girl. Actually, she would have been only happy for me... Also she said that she had never experienced such pleasure with me in bed as in that night. Even more, according her something was different in a good way, but she couldn't understand what it is.

    A month had passed since then and the attention of the beauties is no longer surprising me. And having sex with them too. And I still don't want to part with my shot putter.

  • "I'm being torn between four babes"

    I never thought that I would literally try to get rid of girls! They never looked at me.

    And since recently I'm being torn between four babes who are ready for anything with me in bed!!! To be honest, I'm not even afraid that they will find out about each other. Maybe we'll arrange a group sex :)

    And if someone doesn't like it, they are free to go out! Now I know that as long as I take the Erogan, I can easily find a nymphomaniac model girl ready to keep my cock in the mouth for the whole day.

    "She agrees to do anal sex, although with others it was taboo for her"

    6 years in the friend zone! 6 fucking years!!! Thanks to the inventors of the Erogan, now the girl who had been mocking me for 6 years and telling me how others fucked her, completely ignoring my feelings finally became mine!

    Now she is like a loyal dog, ready for everything for me, she even agrees to do anal, although with others it was taboo for her. She is jealous of me, always tries to be near me ... Mmm ... this is a awesome!

The Thor's hammer will make you a desired lover for any woman, regardless of her age, appearance or social status. You will need only to choose. And learn to refuse without hurting their feelings.

You will learn a lot of new things:
You don't need to try to read her mind or bribe her gifts. Now she always wants sex with you
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Ever dreamed of having sex with two? Now it will become part of your casual life: your desire will be the law for girls which will feel the effect of your pheromones
Your touch can transform even the most unsound prudish into the bad girl ready to be yours here and now
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Noe she thinks you're a sex god. She doesn't notice any other men no matter how sexy they are. Now there is only you for her!
Beside the sexual desire she will feel warm, tender feelings to you and even love . So don't abuse your power!
And this is only a small part of what the Erogan will give you.

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And the Erogan gives you power. Unlimited power over her thoughts, her feelings, her desires and her pussy!

Why is it so cheap?

Although the Erogan has been sold in the CIS countries for more than a year, our company is the first official supplier. We have issued a license, obtained all the necessary certificates and documents. And now we can guarantee the quality of the product.

But before the opening of the trading network and delivering the Erogan medicine to the pharmacies, we decided to sell a trial lot through this website.

AND First 100 buyers Will get the Erogan for a special discounted price.

What is our interest?


No, not about the quality of the product (those will be without any doubt 100% positive although we will study them with pleasure and with your permission publish it).

It would be useful for the feedback on the work of consultants, delivery services and ordering.

This will help us improve the service and logistics, and therefore, save a substantial amount of money in the future, improving the quality of customer service.

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